All photos can only be used in connection with the marketing of the Nordmøre & Romsdal region, and only by tourist-trade related enterprises and organisers, and by the press. The photos can be used in brochures and other publications in which the aim is to promote tourist traffic to the Nordmøre & Romsdal region. The photos can not be used for commercial purposes such as postcards, T-shirts and unrelated advertisements. The use of photos in contravention of the lending conditions will result in you being invoiced for their use at the individual photographers’ current rates. The use of images in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above is free for users. If you are in doubt about whether your use complies with the guidelines or if you wish to use the photos for other purposes, please contact Visit Nordmøre & Romsdal AS,  tel. +47 70 23 88 00, e-mail: info@visitnorthwest.no

The pictures by Mr. Terje Rakke must be credited: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway.

The pictures by Mr.  Mattias Fredriksson must be credited: © Mattias Fredriksson / www.fjordnorway.com

All other pictures must be credited:  photographers name /visitnorthwest.no.

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